Azrieli School of Architecture at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
The Azrieli School is a leader in the field of architecture with the broadest spectrum of courses and programs of any architectural school in Canada. The school offers specialized programs in cutting-edge, environmentally sustainable architecture, urban design and heritage conservation, as well as one of only three Canadian doctoral programs in architecture and ten graduate-level scholarships awarded each year to promising scholars. The Azrieli School of Architecture’s Directed Studies Abroad program also gives extensive support to overseas work experience and exchanges.

Azrieli Pavilion at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Built in 2002 with the support of the Azrieli Foundation, the 75,000-square-foot pavilion is home to the Azrieli School of Architecture, as well as the Bachelor of Information Technology program. The building also houses the Azrieli Gallery, dedicated to architecture and applied arts, and the National Capital Institute for Telecommunications, a research consortium of facilities across the region that explores the latest telecommunications technologies.

Azrieli Lecture Series at McGill University, Montreal
Established in 2004 and endowed in perpetuity in 2006, the Azrieli Lecture Series brings world-renowned architects to McGill University. 2004: Steven Holl. 2005: Daniel Libeskind. 2006: Paulo Mendes da Rocha. 2007: Moshe Safdie. 2008: Michael Rotondi. 2009: Peter Eisenman. 2010: Shigeru Ban. 2011: Thom Mayne. 2012: Juergen Mayer H. 2013: Bjarke Ingels. 2014: Eric Gauthier. 2015: Bruce Kuwabara. 2016: Adam Caruso.

Azrieli School of Architecture at Tel Aviv University, Israel 
The Azrieli School of Architecture is a leader in design education and research. It aims to provide its students with a broad cultural view of architecture by seeing the physical environment as a mirror of the culture in which it produced.  The School offers a B.Arch. degree in a single major program as well as postgraduate degrees. The Azrieli School prepares its graduates for key positions in practical architecture as well as to make contributions to architectural theory through academic research positions.

Azrieli Prize in Architecture, Israel
This prize was established in 2001 to promote and acknowledge creativity, originality and architectural quality among students of architecture in Israel. The award is given to recent BArch graduates of the five Israeli academic institutions with Architecture programs: Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Haifa School of Design and Ariel University. The first-place winners for 2016 are Ohad Solomon and Ron Sabag.

Here’s a video featuring the architectural students in the 2016 competition.

Azrieli Faculty of Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Israel 
The Azrieli Faculty of Design offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a variety of design-focused areas of study. These include fashion design, interior design, textile and jewelry design and visual communications.

Azrieli Fund for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Planning at Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel 
The Azrieli Fund supports state-of-the-art teaching and research and provides the resources for the best and brightest scholars to pursue design excellence, sustainable development of the built environment, urban regeneration, and the application of advanced technologies in architecture and urban planning. It also encourages intellectual exchange through a wide array of interactions between professors, researchers, and students from Technion and their colleagues from around the world.

Azrieli Library, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel 
The Azrieli Library is one of the largest libraries in the Technion with a vast collection of books and periodicals, theses, and databases in all fields pertaining to architecture. The library serves faculty, undergraduate students who study architecture and landscape architecture, and graduate students who specialize in architecture, town planning and industrial design. The library plays an important role in educating future architects, planners and designers, by making both current and historical perspectives available to them.

Azrieli Prize for Urban Planning of the Council for a Beautiful Israel  
The Azrieli Prize is awarded to planners and professionals—architects, engineers, city planners and entrepreneurs—who work on the design of urban space. The purpose of the prize is to encourage planners and entrepreneurs to develop projects that contribute to urban development and enhance the quality of life in Israel’s cities. The focus of the competition is on projects that combine both built structures and open/green spaces in various settings—in urban neighborhoods, in public spaces or in multi-use complexes. The competition is open to projects that have been completed in the past 15 years. 

Azrieli Computer Lab, Faculty of Architecture at Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Azrieli Chair in Architecture and Town Planning at Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel 
The Chair focuses on research of urban architecture and city planning in Israel and multi-disciplinary projects.

Azrieli Chair in Urban and Environmental Architecture at Tel Aviv University, Israel
The Azrieli Chair focuses on research of urban architecture in Israel and multi-disciplinary projects that include sociology, geography and city planning. The Chair is devoted to research into the history of architecture and art history, the design of cities and their surrounding areas, the design of trade centres that create new community dynamics, problems of restoration of old cities and research of communal settlements in Israel.