Azrieli Prize for Jewish Music

PLEASE NOTE: Submissions are now closed.

The Azrieli Prize of $50,000 CAD is awarded biennially through a competitive process to a composer who has written the best new major work of Jewish Music. Open to the international music community, individual works can be nominated by individuals and institutions from all nationalities, faiths, backgrounds and affiliations, and submitted to the AMP Jury through the open call for scores. Works may have been premiered within ten years of the award date, but must not have a significant performance history, and must not have been commercially recorded.

The winning work will be performed by a major Canadian orchestra as part of the AMP Gala Concert, scheduled for the fall of 2018 and subsequently audio recorded to commercial quality.

The winning composer will be invited to attend the rehearsals and performance of their work, and be publicly honoured at the AMP Gala Concert.


  • Nominations will be accepted for individual works written by living composers.
    • Multiple nominations of works by the same composer will not be accepted.
  • Only works written and/or premiered after January 1, 2008 are eligible for nomination.
  • Nominated works:
    • may have already received a premiere performance;
    • must not have been commercially recorded (such works are ineligible); and
    • must be at least fifteen (15) minutes and no longer than twenty-five (25) minutes in duration.
  • Nominations may be submitted by individuals and institutions of all nationalities and of all faiths, backgrounds and affiliations.
  • Composers of nominated works may be of any age, experience level, nationality, faith, background or affiliation.
  • Any nominator (individual person or institution) may submit a maximum of two (2) nomination packages, each of which must be for a different composer and their work.
  • Eligible works must be shown to be relevant to Jewish Music (a written statement of relevancy may be provided.) Please see the Foundation’s definition of What is Jewish Music’ below to ensure that the nominated work complies. All works that do not comply with this definition will be disqualified.

The Nomination Package

Please note: all documents and media must be submitted electronically via the online nomination form.

All Nomination Packages must include:

  • a complete nomination form;
  • a complete work description form;
  • a biographical note on the composer of the nominated work (not to exceed 500 words), including pertinent information as to the composer’s engagement with Jewish Music;
  • the full score of the nominated work in PDF format;
    • It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure clarity and legibility of the score.
  • an audio recording of the nominated work (if possible) or a MIDI simulation in MP3 format, where a recording is not available;
  • where a nominated work contains text not written by the composer, then proof of the right to use the selected text; and
  • a written explanatory note (not to exceed 1 000 words) describing those aspects of the nominated work which are relevant to Jewish Music.

Guidelines for Nominated Works

All nominated works must meet the following guidelines to be given consideration. Any work that does not meet these guidelines will be disqualified.   

  • Nominated works must:
    • demonstrate their relevance to the Prize theme – a celebration of excellence in new Jewish Music; and
    • be scored for a minimum of seventeen (17) string musicians (i.e. string orchestra) and a maximum of fifty one (51) musicians of mixed instrumentation (i.e. Mozart orchestra)
      • Maximum Instrumentation for nominated works is as follows:
        • Brass: 2 trumpets / 2 trombones / 4 horns / 1 tuba
        • Winds: 2 flutes / 2 oboes / 2 clarinets / 2 bassoons
        • Strings: 8 1st violins / 8 2nd violins /6 violas /4 cellos /4 double basses
        • Harp
        • Timpani
        • Percussion (2)
      • Nominated works may feature:
        • a soloist (vocal or instrumental); and/or
        • pre-recorded digital media.

The Composer of the prize-winning work agrees to:

  • have his or her work performed on the occasion of the AMP Gala Concert (Fall 2018);
  • have their work audio recorded to commercial quality;
  • be available in person for the rehearsals and performance of their winning work; and
  • participate in outreach events, workshops, press conferences, media interviews, and other such promotion and education activities as they relate to the Prize and its objectives to educate the general public about the universal appeal and artistic importance of works that result from engaging with the topic of Jewish Music.

 Download the pdf here.