The Azrieli Institute for Educational Empowerment encourages Israeli youth-at-risk to stay in school by closing educational gaps, instilling social skills and providing parents with tools for improving family relationships. The Institute allows youth to realize their ability to become independent and succeed in their studies at school through counseling and support that will take them step-by-step to the understanding that their success is a possibility that can actually be fulfilled and realized.

Youth Fusion
In Canada, Youth Fusion offers interventions for youth at-risk of dropping out of school. This effective and innovative model transcends pure mentoring by hiring university students to work with young students, in class or in an extracurricular capacity, for the entire school year, on educational projects spanning different fields. In addition to working alongside grade or high school students, the university students also develop a close bond with the youth which helps nurture continuity and perseverance. Employees from businesses operating in industries tied to the projects are also brought in as mentors to introduce students to career options and shepherd them through the process of completing their projects.